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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Too long too much... will update soon

Monday, September 03, 2007

Last few days of maternity leave

This week marks the last week of my maternity leave. Will be back at work on Wednesday.

Have been resting at home for the last 12 weeks, it is relaxing and a good time to bond with Joelle. Can see that she is quite attached to me nowadays. I was actually quite worried when Amy left because she was so closed to her but surprisingly, she seems to take it rather well and just grew closer to her older siblings and me and even her papa...

She will take our hands and lead us to the sterlizer if she wants her milk or to the bedroom if she wants her nap. Joelle still can't really speak as yet but she understands everything that we say to her... it is either she is lazy or she is slow as the few words that she is saying is mum mum for food, please if she wants you to give her food and as usual her hugs and kisses if she thinks that you will bring her out and go to the coffeeshop for drinks and more food.

she knows which shoes belongs to who and will take the shoes and follow that person if that person is slow in getting ready to leave the house. It had happen to me several times, not that I am slow but I need to make sure that her things are in the bag before we leave.

12 weeks of leave seems to pass so fast. In the beginning, time seems to go rather slowly, all I wish is for my confinement to be over. Once it was over, time just seems to speed pass me everyday. I think it is also due to the fact that I am waking up at about 9 or 10 everyday but that is because in the early weeks, Jordan needs his milk every 2 hours or so (breastfed babies get hungry very fast and Jordan seems to be extra fast), after switching him over to the bottle, I get some rest as his feeding time had stretched to about 3 hours and now it is about 4 hours or so.

Next step will be to try to get him to sleep through the night after the last feed. I am still waking up at odd hours at night to feed him depending on when his last feed is taken. It may be 2, 3 or 4am. This morning is an improvement as he woke up and wants to be fed at 6am. Uninterrupted sleep for the night. Bliss......

Some recent pictures of Jordan...

Jasper, Jordan and Joelle....

Sunday, April 29, 2007

This will stay at the top till April 29th

Have been a while since I last posted so I am going to try to re-cap what I can going back to March or April... wherever I had stopped...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Week of April 23

See, I somehow managed to recap from March to April in one sitting...

Nothing much happen this week except that I had joined a new 6 Sigma project with my teamleader... But to me this is a fun project as I get to learn more about some future projections....

I can't believe it but the 4D booth near my place had 2 winning tickets for Toto this week, Monday and Thursday. I am so going to queue up for next Monday's Toto from this booth. On Monday it is a Group 1 Strike and on Thursday it is a Group 2 Strike...

Went to buy Meiji products after lunch on Friday. Got quite a lot of snakes/candies at one shot.

Will have a good time eating them this weekend......

Week of April 16 - 22

Went grocery shopping on Monday. Bought lots of food as usual.

Kevin flew off to Guangzhou on Thursday morning, so I got to drive for the next week or so, till he is back.

On half day leave on Friday, pamper myself, went for pedi and facial.

Meet Anne, Mabel and Cindy for my birthday dinner at Jang Shou Korean Restaurant. You can view the pix at Mabel's blog. Mabel even bought me a cute little cake.

Went to HDB hub on Saturday and Vivocity on Sunday, Cheryl was telling me on the way back that since we were out the whole day, I should be tired and I should take a nap once we get back home....

I went for a haircut once we got home so that they can prepare my "surprise". James and the kids went to get me a birthday cake with walnuts in it. very yummy.

Strangely, my lunch deduction for work was only $2.47 for the past month which was quite impossible as there is no way for it to be that low. They had better not hit me with a $100 deduction next month or I shall scream at Office Services for their lousy system.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Week of April 9 - 15

Submit my maternity leave, we need to submit 10 weeks before we go on maternity leave. I feel silly as there won't be a temp to cover my job when I go on mat. leave so why the need to submit it 10 weeks before I need to go???

Cheryl fell sick on Friday, took leave to bring her to the doctor.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Week of April 2 - 8

Was on MC again on Tuesday, sick of being sick again.

Went shopping at Compaspoint on Good Friday. The kids were happy as they got to buy more of those Duel Master cards....

Went for my checkup on Saturday. Didn't put on any weight since the last checkup. Get letter from my Gyn in regards to my expected due date as HR needs to submit it to the Outsource company who manages our leave and benefits.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Week of March 26 - April 1

Was sick on Monday, the whole family had been taking turns falling sick since late March.

Nothing much happened this week.